About Us


Seneca products deliver high quality at a fair price. We minimize extra packaging, yet provide all the parts you need to install virtually any TV. We package products well to survive the trip to your door, and offer a two year warranty on everything we sell.


Seneca's support team is eager to help, before or after you've chosen one of our mounts. We want to give you peace of mind that the mount you buy will work for your application. Our support includes well written manuals that you can easily follow, as well as animated installation videos that put it all in context. If you're unsure of anything during your installation, our experienced team will answer any questions you have to make sure you get it right.


Seneca believes in making life easy for the do-it-yourselfer. We produce products that cover a wide range of TV sizes, designed for your specific applications, and expertly engineered for simple installation and reliability. We include everything you need to mount your TV quickly and easily.

When you want your TV up on the wall with minimal thought, energy, and investment...

...think Seneca AV.